Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre’s Lear Khehkwaii

The Fairbanks Shakespeare Theater will be touring a 90 minute version of Shakespeare’s King Lear inspired by Gwich’in language and culture, Lear Khehkwaii. The play is set in late 1800’s Alaska, a time when Alaska Native cultures were introduced to western influences and when the King James Bible (originated in Shakespeare’s time) was being translated into the Gwich’in language. Half of the script has been translated into the Gwich’in language and will be incorporated into the production and performed by a multi-cultural cast of eleven artists including native Gwich’in speakers, Alaska Native, Native American actors and FST company members. The project incorporates arts education and language revitalization through the live performance of one of the world’s greatest story tellers, William Shakespeare.

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