Monday, March 11, 2013

Complete Works: a Web series

I'm not sure what to make of this, but apparently a group of folks have created a Web series called Complete Works. According to the creators, "We are creting a new, 14-episode comedy web series about the Finals of the American Shakespeare Competition."

Their Blog shows the progress of the filming which apparently ended in August 2012 and they are now in post-production. There is a bit more information about the project on their Facebook page.  Here's the plot summary from that page:

"Hal has been obsessed with everything Shakespeare since his "Henry the Fourth" birthday party. Now in his 20's, he's stuck at a technical college studying everything boring...until he sees a poster for the American Shakespeare Competition. Winning the ASC could not only pull him out of his humdrum Midwestern life, it could give him the performing career he's always dreamed of.

There's only one problem: Hal's never done an arts competition. And in this world, winning takes a little more than just art."

Stay tuned...

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