Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Shakespeare Posts on Twitter

Steph_JW: “That that is is.”...... Shakespeare

smullican: 2/2 ...Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries." ~Willliam Shakespeare

LisRocchi: they want me to recite shakespeare! WTF? one thing is for sure... i'm not gonna make

bosskhouston: We do not keep the outward form of order, where there is deep disorder in the . William Shakespeare (via @Steph_JW) it!

brookeliveshere: Off to Shakespeare's Globe tonight to see Romeo and Juliet.....cultural, that's me!

Busybeelifestyl: From Oprah: 5 books to lift your spirits: The Winter's Tale (Shakespeare), Flush (V. Woolf), Under Milk Wood (D.Thomas), Charlotte's Web

rutila: @reidontravel Portmanteaus like "staycation" and "funemployment" make William Shakespeare turn in his grave.

s2siil: fa├ža o resto..." (William Shakespeare)

redbridgestudio: Greetings from Bremen. Visited the Bremer Shakespeare Company today.

ByLeavesWeLive: 'Shakespeare became difficult among sudden islands of twitterings' from Aves, by Gerry Cambridge

Steph_JW: Talking isn't doing. It is a kind of good deed to say well; and yet words are not deeds.William Shakespeare

ycmari: "the hell is empty. all the devils are here" shakespeare - i saw this the other day when i was watching a movie and wow.. it is so true.

wisevisionary7: (A Spin on Shakespeare)....All The World Is a "TWITTER" and All The Peoples of The World Are "TWITTERERS" and MUST "TWITTER" Their Parts.

hannabon: And now I understand why Shakespeare was a genius.

kitschywriter: GAHHHH!!!! B+ in Shakespeare!!! ARE you KIDDING ME>?????????

paul_e_wog: All of my monkeys have been at the computer for a month, and while it certainly isn't 'Shakespeare', it's still better than Stephanie Meyer.

Local: In Marin : The Bard in the Big House - San Quentin inmates perform Shakespeare

The Bard in the Big House - San Quentin inmates perform Shakespeare

Ten inmates imprisoned in San Quentin for crimes ranging from burglary to murder, have just performed A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. The full complement of characters from Demetrius to Lysander to the incomparable Puck, were performed by actors, some whom just happened to be wearing blue sweats with "CDC Prisoner" emblazoned down the side.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some Shakespeare Tweets from Today

  • RutgersTranscri: When Shakespeare penned "Brevity is the soul of wit", do you think he was prophesying about Twitter??
  • DianaThoma: we are sitting in the Shakespeare Globe waiting for the performance of As YouLike It to begin - Globe is more rustic than our Chicago globe
  • forbesxforty: "Present fears are less than horrible imaginings" -William Shakespeare. They will rule our lives if we are fools enough to let them.
  • EmiliaTsontilis: Shakespeare can be a dirty bastard.
  • KMcNabola: Went to the Globe Theatre last night. I didn't think that I would like it because it's Shakespeare, but it was phenomenal. I would go again!
  • Wellness4Arts: Listening to Kevin McNally telling how, when he was young, he forgot his lines at his 1st Shakespeare audition and was put off for years...\
  • selfv4notself: 3 huge barn owls in tree this a.m., and b/c of shifting fog they became Shakespeare's 3 witches and the 3 Fates from Greek mythology - epic.
  • sorrows: 'The works of Shakespeare are virtually infinite'. Taken out of context, that could just mean they're INSUFFERABLY LONG
  • Suze_B: Me: We could go to the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. Matthew: Not to be.
  • _Phillip: Going to rest until lunch & then going to do some revision. In the words of Shakespeare himself & the only quote I know right now: "Fear it"
Elementary Education Conference--June 25-26 -Folger Shakespeare Library

Shakespeare is for everyone—including elementary students! Join expert teachers and Folger Education staff to learn how even young students can successfully engage with Shakespeare's plays and poetry.

The Folger Education philosophy of learning by doing (what we call performance-based teaching) works particularly well with young students. Furthermore, many of the techniques you'll encounter can be adapted for teaching any type of literature, not just Shakespeare.

At the conference, you'll learn:
How to prepare and teach language-based activities for elementary students
Activities for unifying language and action to help students interpret texts and master meaning
How to select, edit, and act out scenes from Shakespeare with your students
To register, please complete the Registration Form and email it to Payments must be received no later than June 19. Payment instructions are included on the information form.

Joe Craft and Denver Public Schools-Folger Shakespeare Library

Joe Craft and Denver Public Schools-Folger Shakespeare Library

Joe Craft, a retired teacher from Denver and director of that city’s Shakespeare Festival, shares with the Denver Public Schools the 2009 Shakespeare Steward Award.

Craft was the driving force behind the Shakespeare Festival, recruiting Denver Public School teachers in 1984 to train students for performances. “Some said it would never work because no kid is ever going to want to learn Shakespeare,” Craft said. That year, some 400 young thespians took to the stage.

Today, he reports, the number of participants is approaching 4,000, with an audience of another 2,000 parents, friends, and passersby.

Photo Gallery
Denver Shakespeare Festival

Jude Law in 'Hamlet': What did the critics think? | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times

Jude Law in 'Hamlet': What did the critics think?

One of the most talked-about productions of the current West End season, "Hamlet," starring Jude Law, has generated more advance buzz and online speculation than all of the blockbuster musicals playing in London put together.

Of course, much of the talk has centered around the play's pulchritudinous star, who is no stranger to audiences on either side of the pond. The Oscar-nominated Law, who has returned regularly to the stage between his Hollywood acting assignments, takes the role of Shakespeare's melancholy Dane for the first time in his career in a production from the Donmar Warehouse and directed by Michael Grandage. (The staging duties originally belonged to Kenneth Branagh, but he withdrew due to scheduling conflicts.)