Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Georgian Tbilisi State Pantomime Theatre to Stage Shakespeare’s Sonnets Silently

Dato Shalikashvili, director of the piece, started to think about this performance about one year ago, and he has been thinking about it till this day. During this time—five months already!—he has been working on it. The troupe rehearses the piece on stage, and Dato continues to think. It seems like he wants to make a perfect show. However, he has time to think till the day of premiere, June 27.

The genre of pantomime—like Shakespeare’s dramatic pieces—is always topical, right for any time, in any place. Classic is classic, and nobody can refute this fact. Today, when our life and the world around us changes its face, we can transform old things and show them in a new way. Shalikashvili a has peculiar view, and because of this his play is really original. Like a person of the Renaissance, he is trying to build new walls on a classical foundation.

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