Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shakesperience brings the Bard down to Earth

Shakesperience brings the Bard down to Earth

When most kids think of William Shakespeare, the playwright they are studying in their English classes does not usually conjure up much excitement.

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey wants to change that and get kids excited about the Bard. So they invited kids to perform Shakespeare's works for each other in a day, highlighting the study of the playwright through performance.

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Lauren said...

One student summed up what I think a Shakespeare festival can best accomplished: "I have learned that there are different ways you can do a Shakespeare show, different interpretations. There are classical and more updated modern versions." It's all about understanding and interpreting Shakespeare's plays, especially his language, and here students are realizing that different interpretive visions exist and their own creations are no different or lesson important. Smaller, more condensed versions of Shakespeare festivals can be done in school classrooms and school districts, allowing more and more students to gain understanding through performance!