Thursday, May 04, 2006

Othello Opens at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre


It would be good to see the staging methods of Luk Perceval’s Munich Kammerspiele production of Feridua Zamoglu’s and Gunter Senkel’s Othello applied to a Shakespeare play, and to Shakespeare’s Othello in particular. The only scenery is a grand piano on a raised podium centre-stage. Throughout the action (just over two hours without a break), Jens Thomas plays his own jazz-classical music, generally subtle, eclectic, and, on the whole, impressive. Costumes are modern dress and entirely black-and-white. Othello is played by a white actor, Thomas Thierne, without make-up; Emilia is played by a black actress; and all the acting is good – better than Zaimoglu and Senkel deserve.

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