Thursday, January 05, 2006

"Take the 60-second Shakespeare challenge"

Is anyone in your class a potential radio director, or a budding film maker? The BBC is looking for UK school students to take up the challenge of creating their own 60-second interpretation of Shakespeare in film or audio versions.

Whether you interpret a scene or a whole play, keep it classic or make it modern, it's up to you.

If your entry fits the criteria, the BBC will post your work on their website, where it can be seen and shared with other schools, and it may also broadcast a selection of work on BBC television and radio.

It's a chance to share your work with hundreds of other schools across the UK, and maybe even have it shown by the BBC. Plus, you'll be boosting your digital media skills as you work on the project, and learning exciting film and audio production skills - all while you and the class are getting to grips with the Bard in a thrilling and fun way.

Website resources include celebrity tips through Shakespeare photostories to video tutorials on editing and acting.

Teachers have until spring 2006 to work on the 60-second Shakespeare submissions. Movies and audios are accepted until 26 May 2006 for publication on the site.

Online advice guides teachers through organising classroom sessions around directing the filming or recording of entries. Would-be musical directors can find links to copyright free sounds and music on the website.

Visit the website for the full set of rules

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