Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Acting Company's Bermuda Production of Macbeth is Dark and Powerful

The Acting Company production of Macbeth at City Hall on opening night presented a gripping psychological thriller of one man's lust for power and his tragic downfall.

William Shakespeare's play contains some of the most sublime poetry in the Bard's cannon and Matt Sullivan's rendering of the title role did not fail to express the beauty of his language.The memorable soliloquies delivered by Mr. Sullivan resonated with passion and exuberance.

Directed by Eve Shapiro, the opening scenes of this drama unfold with a vibrant and frenetic energy as the audience is introduced to the principal characters who become complicit in an orgy of violence and foul deeds.With a minimalist stage design, the supernatural is resurrected when the witches (Deb Heining, Megan McQuillan and Kaitlin O'Neil) appear shrouded in billowing black attire to deliver their prophecy to Macbeth.

Michael Chybowski's lighting effects evoke a feeling of dread and foreboding as the cast emerge from shadows and dark corners to send a chill through the theatre and Fitz Patton's sound design also added authenticity to the intrigues of this Scottish kingdom. It didn't require much manipulation or skulduggery from the witches for Macbeth to hatch his diabolical plan to kill king Duncan played by William Brock.

The question was raised as to what extent Macbeth is a victim of powers beyond his own control but here, Macbeth appeared more inclined to explore his dark side.

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