Monday, December 12, 2005

Royals of England: A Guide for Readers, Travelers, and Genealogists will be available through iUniverse.

Royals of England offers lively biographies of royal personages that accompany detailed accounts of geographic sites and websites. Placed in chronological order, each profile can easily be read as a self-contained narrative. With the information provided by authors Kathleen Spaltro and Noeline Bridge, you’ll be able to design a tour around a royal person of interest or search out all the royal persons associated with a certain locale. Fifty family trees, one or more for most chapters, help you identify members of different royal houses. You’ll be able to determine how the Jacobite Pretenders passed their claim to the Kings of Sardinia, or how Lettice Knollys, wife to Leicester and mother to Essex, was related to Elizabeth I. Royals of England provides a useful resource for history enthusiasts, travelers, and genealogists alike.

As a former instructor of undergraduate and graduate students who has taught Shakespeare, Kathleen Spaltro would like to point out that the book's Lancastrians and Yorkists section, following its discussions of Edward III and Richard II and preceding its chapters on Henry VII and Henry VIII, would provide the background needed for students to understand Shakespeare's English history plays. Of course, the chapters on Elizabeth I and James I also would enhance students' understanding of Shakespeare's own times.

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