Thursday, December 22, 2005

Employees Say "Hamlet" Castle Is Haunted

Copenhagen, Denmark (AHN) - Employees at the 431-year-old castle that inspired William Shakespeare's Hamlet say it is haunted.

They say that when a new restaurant opened in Kronborg castle in June, strange things began happening, said staff member Jeannett Pedersen on Wednesday.

"Windows and doors fly open, stacks of paper disappear and reappear elsewhere, and tables set themselves," she said.

Other strange happenings include gray shadows floating by, and a ghost of an old man in the kitchen. Pedersen said most of the employees have reported strange occurrences.

Even they though may be spooky, the strange entities seem to be good-natured, reports The Associated Press.

Pedersen said they have hired a spiritualist to get rid of the ghosts.

Although Shakespeare never visited the castle in Helsingoer, he used it as the setting for Hamlet after it was described to him.


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