Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eighth World ShakespeareCongress to be Held in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2006.

Persons interested in participating in this conference should contact Frances Barasch or Rosalind Kerr before July 15, 2005. After July 15, please apply to the International Shakespeare Association (

The topic, "Representations of the Master-Servant Relationship in EarlyModern European Drama" will be led by Frances Barasch (Baruch/City Universityof NY, USA) and Rosalind Kerr (University of Alberta, Canada).

Early modern theatrical representations frequently interrogate the boundaries delineating master-servant relationships. The popularity of this topos suggests that spectators were greatly interested in watchingplays in which the social hierarchy could be subverted and patriarchalauthority overturned. Papers are invited offering critical perspectiveson master-servant or master-subordinate themes, structures, genres,performance conventions (such as transvestite disguise), and audienceresponse in Shakespeare and other early modern theatres of England,Europe, and Asia. Any of a variety of approaches may be considered,including but not limited to theatre history, gender/queer studies,philosophical/psychoanalytic/political/ social interpretation, cultural exchange, or modern appropriations of Shakespeare.

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