Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Podcasting News: New Podcast Reveals Mysteries of Shakespeare

A new podcast promises to reveal the mysteries of Shakespeare. The podcast feature excerpts from author Mark Anderson's new book "Shakespeare" by Another Name, which examines the puzzles that have long haunted the identity of history’s greatest author.

Sir Derek Jacobi, a world-renowned Shakespearean actor, recommends the book as "full of enlightened and reasoned research in the quest to provide material for a rational and honest debate in the Shakespeare authorship question."

Author Anderson thinks podcasting is a great opportunity for authors. "Despite the fact that not many authors are doing it today, it seems to me that providing free audio excerpts of one's book is a great way to get potential readers interested in the story. I'm no marketing person, but podcasting seems tailor-made for the book business.

Want to know what Podcasting is? Look here.

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Library Supporter said...

Yes, yes, I know. The plays weren't written by Shakespeare, but by another man of the same name.