Monday, February 07, 2005

Fargo students have their own versions of Shakespeare

FARGO, N.D. - For Anna Pieri, William Shakespeare evokes a copper tree.

For Meena Tadros, the Elizabethan author's works are best captured in a satirical newspaper.

And for Maria Sauvageau, sketches from the Sistine Chapel add meaning to the Bard's poetry.

Teaching Shakespeare to high school students is never an easy task. Too often, students stumble over 'thee's' and 'o'ers' and puzzle over his poetic forms.

English teacher Judy Cooper says students are more afraid of Shakespeare than anything. 'They're intimidated by it,' she said."

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Anna said...

That's my tree you're talking about! haha. Wonderful. I'm glad that someone cares enough about Shakespeare and his modern interpretations to find articles in the Fargo Forum interesting. But seriously, that copper tree took me so long, not including all the time I spent trying to stem the bleeding from working in metal!