Saturday, July 10, 2004

North Dakota Shakespeare Festival set for Aug. 20-21
Young troupe members hope to spark revival
By Carol Graham
The Shakespeare Players are a troupe of local young actors who are working to revive Shakespearean theater in the city. If things go as planned, it will grow to a festival of national proportions.

Jenny Morris and her brother, Edward, are 'lovers' of Shakespeare and have studied his writing. Their goal is to organize the North Dakota Shakespeare Festival Aug. 20-21 in the Empire Arts Center. Jenny Morris is in the talking stages with a director in Fargo, and the goal is to produce 'Richard the Third.'

'I love Shakespeare, and a lot of my friends in theater love Shakespeare' Morris said. 'And I've been missing Shakespeare in the Park. For several years, UND staged a 'Shakespeare in the Park' program in local parks."

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