Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shakespeare’s “Maag-Pehh” at Tallinn NO99 Theatre - BabelTallinn

Shakespeare’s “Maag-Pehh” in Estonia
By Giovanni Angioni

Until yesterday I thought the newest & most innovative theatre in Estonia was NO99. The actors & set decorators & directors that I would recommend as a complex visual masterpiece to any visitor of Estonia, on quite a high level.. Just go and see Nafta! and you’ll know what I mean

But yesterday I was really forced to evaluate my opinion. At least considering the Shakespeare MacBeth performance. Unless you’re a huge Shakespeare fanatic or a fan of Jaan Türnpu & Anne Toomik, or real banal modern theatre, don’t go there!

I actually like Shakespeare, although many people don’t. I’ve seen quite a lot of different versions of Hamlet & Merchant of Venice & R&J etc. Plus, I think I’ve seen quite a lot of theatre performances in general. What I like about Shakespeare are the huge possibilities it offers, one can practically do anything with it.


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Giovanni Angioni

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